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Do you Have a Security Plan?30 Aug

Fence systems can be used as part of a larger security system, while consumers are advised to remember that a security plan typically involves much more than a fence as a barrier. There are several questions that should be asked while developing a security plan.

  • What level of security is needed?
  • How long would it take someone to get through the perimeter?
  • Where is the largest area for potential security breaches? (This is typically the gate area.)

At U.S. Fence and Gate Inc, we  can help determine the answers to these questions, as well as determine the best fence material to meet security needs. Call us today to allow us to help you develop your own security plan.

US Fence and Gate News

Why Use an AFA Contractor?30 Aug

American Fence Association contractors are the best in the industry – and you can expect high quality work. Whether setting up a fence around a property border or installing a high-level security system, AFA members subscribe to the highest of ethical and professional standards.

AFA members…

  • Have access to over 160 hours of education and industry-specific training and certification programs each year
  • Stay on top of the latest trends in the industry through AFA produced publications
  • Attend one of the fastest growing trade shows in the country, FENCETECH
  • Know how to follow local, state and national codes to make certain that their installation is not only safe, but also legal
  • Abide by the AFA Statement of Business and Ethical Practices

Only when you work with an AFA contractor will you be guaranteed of superior service.

U.S.Fence and Gate Inc. is a member of the American Fence Association.

US Fence and Gate News

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Certifies Ameristar Fence Products Cable Barrier Solution29 Aug

Ameristar Fence Products announced today that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has Designated and Certified the company’s Impasse® High Security Pale Fence and Stalwart® Anti-Ram Passive Cable Barrier systems under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology Act of 2002 (the SAFETY Act).  The certification places Ameristar’s Impasse palisade fencing and their Stalwart family of anti-ram cabled barriers on the “Approved Product list for Homeland Security.” Certification is the highest level of liability protection available under the SAFETY Act.

After an extensive review of its Impasse® and Stalwart® product lines, Ameristar has been granted coverage under the federal law known as the “Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology Act” (the “SAFETY Act”). This represents the first and only such Designation and Certification for a high security fence and passive vehicle barrier manufacturer.

The lawsuit protections that SAFETY Act coverage affords will result in significantly lower liability exposure for Ameristar and its customers should a future act of terrorism occur.  This is a tremendous benefit to Ameristar, the contractors that install our products, the security integrators, architects and engineers that specify our products, and the end use customers that use our qualified physical security products on their facilities since they will also benefit from the liability protection afforded by the SAFETY Act. The entire supply chain (manufacturer, specifiers, installers, vendors, and customers) will benefit from the coverage Ameristar receives from SAFETY Act Certification.

The SAFETY Act essentially eliminates liability that could arise out of a terrorist attack for sellers whose anti-terror products have been reviewed and approved by the DHS in America’s fight against terrorism. Most important, these lawsuit protections extend to Ameristar’s customers should a future act of terrorism occur and lawsuits follow alleging that Ameristar’s physical security products failed to prevent the terrorism.

Should this happen, our customers’ liability would be strictly limited, if not nonexistent, in most cases because they purchased Ameristar’s SAFETY Act approved services. This may also create an opportunity for Ameristar’s customers to recognize lower insurance premiums given the elimination of risk of lawsuits should an act of terrorism occur. Companies that purchase products from other manufactures that have not been SAFETY Act approved would not enjoy such protections.

“We are extremely excited and very proud of this significant achievement because of the fact that our products are now formally recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as proven to be effective in the fight against terrorism,” said Chris L. Herold, Market Manager and author of Ameristar’s SAFETY Act application.

For further information about having a U.S. Fence and Gate Inc.   representative discuss having Ameristar’s Impasse and Stalwart product applications for your company’s security needs,  call us toll free at  (855( 336-2387.